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    • The Simplest Way for Businesses to Analyze Big Data


      One of the great things about starting your own company (if you’re lucky and your company does well) is that you take part in the evolution of a whole new market, from its nascent days to its heyday. This was the case with Aster and the “Big Data” market. Back when we started Aster, in 2005, MPP systems that could store and analyze data using off-the-self servers was still a pretty new concept.

    • Hadoop evolution


      I wanted to learn more about Hadoop and its futures, so I talked Friday with Arun Murthy of Hortonworks.* Most of what we talked...

    • Forthcoming Oracle appliances


      Oracle seems to have said on yesterday’s conference call Oracle OpenWorld (first week in October) will feature appliances based on Tangosol and Hadoop. As I post this, the Seeking Alpha transcript of Oracle’s call is riddled with...

    • Multi-structured Data: Platform Capabilities Required for Big Data Analytics


      The “big data” world is a product of exploding applications. The number of applications that are generating data has just gone through the roof...

    • Hadoop Confusion from Forrester Research


      Jim Kobielus started a recent post "Most Hadoop-related inquiries from Forrester customers come to me. These have moved well beyond the “what exactly is Hadoop?” phase..."

    • Hadoop: Is It Soup Yet?


      Most Hadoop-related inquiries from Forrester clients come to me. These have moved well beyond the “What exactly is Hadoop?” phase to the stage where the dominant query is “Which vendors offer robust Hadoop solutions?”...

    • Introducing the First Collaborative Community for SQL-MapReduce┬«


      Aster Data just took another step to make SQL-MapReduce the best programming framework for big data analytics. The Aster Data SQL-MapReduce® Developer Portal is the first collaborative online developer community for SQL-MapReduce analytics..

    • Alternatives for Hadoop/MapReduce Data Storage and Management


      There’s been a flurry of announcements recently in the Hadoop world. Much of it has been concentrated on Hadoop data storage and management. This is understandable, since HDFS is quite a young (i.e. immature) system, with much strengthening and Bottleneck Whack-A-Mole remaining in its future...

    • Oracle and Exadata: Business and technical notes


      Last Friday I stopped by Oracle for my first conversation since January, 2010, in this case for a chat with Andy Mendelsohn, Mark Townsend, Tim Shetler, and George Lumpkin, covering Exadata and the Oracle DBMS. Key points included...

    • Netezza TwinFin i-Class Overview


      I have long complained about difficulties in discussing Netezza’s TwinFin i-Class analytic platform. But I’m ready now, and in the grand sweep of the product’s history I’m not even all that late. The Netezza i-Class timing story goes something like this...

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